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Stuart creates items of jewellery and silverware from his East Sussex workshop.

His artistic training has been rich and diverse, following the path of both fine art and the decorative arts, with this in mind he hopes that each item is not only highly functional and utilitarian, but it also gives the wearer and user joy in it's use, for this is when a piece truely comes alive.


Pieces to adorn the body, heart and mind.

Commission work is welcomed as pieces can be designed with the client to achieve a truely unique and bespoke object

Exploring precious metals natural qualities, and how it reacts to different techniques, has been the source for many of Stuarts' ideas. Letting the material have a life of it's own, shapes and ideas can be suggested through the making process, and followed through to their natural conclusion. Contrast is used to create a visual palette, rough/smooth, texture/polished, black/white, the metal becomes a painterly/sculptural material. Hammer techniques prepare the section used, and shape the object, in which the surface retains all marks of the creative act. A simple hand raised bowl can become a document of it’s own making, not just a silhouette, but a vessel containing the energy used to create it.

Workshop photos by Paul Read for Goldsmiths' Fair

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